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The Founder Mechelle McCain started Kids Love and Health Foundation in 2010. When her oldest daughter was diagnosed with asthma at the age of five after being rushed to the hospital due to a severe asthma attack. She was put on steroids for three continuous days to bring down the swelling of her lungs. Over the next year she continued to have small asthma attacks, which made Mechelle start research on what is the cause and how to prevent it. After research she realized asthma and allergy are connected. Food sensitivities are one of the triggers. Changing her daughters diet according to food and environmental sensitivities limited attacks. Mechelle realized food and wellness were strongly connected to her daughter health. She had to get this information out to the masses. So many people are unaware how connected your diet is to your wellness. The Kids Love and Health Foundation was born to give this knowledge to children ages 9-17. These are the critical times in a child’s life were they can be shaped and taught the importance of self preservation.

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“A healthy outside starts inside” -Robert Urich


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